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About White Light Energy Master, Bill Gluth

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Bill Gluth
Soul Evolution Guide and Business Vision Mentor
Awakening Your True Potential

My work as a Soul Evolution Guide and business vision mentor is about helping you see the truth.

The truth is YOU are the “forgotten” Miracle of the Universe, just waiting to reawaken by being remembered, then seen.

When you awaken to this expanded spiritual understanding you will start living the full God Expression as a human being while on Earth in the new energy of now; in life, in business and in the deepest spiritual realms.

I teach people how to live in the new energy in a new way.

Bill Gluth, Soul Evolution Guide, Miracle of the Universe.com

Bill Gluth, Soul Evolution Guide and Business Vision Mentor

Through Spiritual Awakening, Energetic Repatterning and Business Vision Mentoring Sessions as well as Soul Evolution Facilitator training programs, my White Light Master Energy Guides and I expand the soul evolution potential of Spiritually Aware people who are drawn to this work.

Miracle of the Universe sessions. mentoring and training will show you how to live in an expanded state of awareness and consciousness daily.

This is commonly known as the “Ascension State.”

It is my commitment and mission is to raise the vibration of people who are seeking to live a life of spiritual fulfillment so we may all enlighten each other.

Together, we can evolve spiritually using our greatest gifts and deepest heartfelt understanding to create and share values that bring peace, joy, prosperity, love and freedom to this world.

I am here on Earth today to remind everyone who is drawn to this work that you are the Miracle of the Universe just waiting to awaken through rediscovery of your true full potential.

The result when we do is to expand and enlighten each other.