Spiritual evolution is the next process or step in the physical expression of life on Earth. It is part of the new, more expanded energy we have lived in since 2000 and more fully since 2012.

Evolution in general is nothing new. As human beings, we are continuously evolving, just as physical life in all forms has evolved for eons. But there has been a shift in that evolutionary process recently. Read the rest of this entry

Image generated by Ghostscript (device=ppmraw) Today I was so blessed to be asked to consider the role of prayer and finding comfort from the God Within in our soul evolution awakening.

Here’s the conversation, as it occurred today on Skype.

“I think the most difficult thing in my transition to understanding the God Within is that I’m still naturally drawn to pray to a God who has a magic wand and who can fix things.

“When I’m stressing about a person or a situation, I understand all too well there are no magic wands, no Father in the Heavens who sweeps away a situation to make it easy.
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Quan Yin Post-CrpStarting in September of 2012, the enlightenment energy really opened up for me, personally.

Through an extended trip to Sedona, AZ, to the wonderful vision of Quan Yin, I have been shown a vision of Enlightenment that can open the portals for many seekers.

Today, for the first time, I am sharing my personal discoveries and how I opened the Enlightenment Portals. Read the rest of this entry

# 3 Fav Milky Way Colors-JPG

On December 12, 2012 I made this fateful statement:

“Dear God, tell me what it is that I should know.”

The answer I received from my Divine Holy Spirit, the Higher Self, shook me to the core of my being. Here is the message that was shared through me that day. Read the rest of this entry