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On December 12, 2012 I made this fateful statement:

“Dear God, tell me what it is that I should know.”

The answer I received from my Divine Holy Spirit, the Higher Self, shook me to the core of my being. Here is the message that was shared through me that day.

You are powerful beyond measure. You are a gift that has unwrapped and now can bless a world who needs you. You have become a portal of God’s Love and Joy, expressing in an Earthly incarnation.

Each being sees the potential that eliminates disruption and lights the way to God expressing through humanity on Earth.

For those who do not chose to see it, and it is indeed a choice to see the self as God or to see the self as limited state of being, or make the choice to see the truth and that truth is you and all humanity is God expressing in human form on Earth the experience is to awaken form the dream of limited human and embrace the reality that all are the Christ waiting to be remembered.

Your journey in this life is to realize and then share that joy, hope, love and birthright will all those who you encounter (meet) in connection.

The connection is the remberence of soul family, the kindred ones who come here to be part of your experience, as you are to theirs.

The drama has ended when we awaken to that reality.

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