Image generated by Ghostscript (device=ppmraw) Today I was so blessed to be asked to consider the role of prayer and finding comfort from the God Within in our soul evolution awakening.

Here’s the conversation, as it occurred today on Skype.

“I think the most difficult thing in my transition to understanding the God Within is that I’m still naturally drawn to pray to a God who has a magic wand and who can fix things.

“When I’m stressing about a person or a situation, I understand all too well there are no magic wands, no Father in the Heavens who sweeps away a situation to make it easy.

“This is truly one of the hardest things for me… to find a way to pray where I can actually be comforted.”

I reached up, connected with my Divine Holy Spirit, the Higher Self and my Ethereal White Light Master Energy Guides to find a path.

AAHH this is a challenge, especially for those who have a strong traditional religious upbringing like you. Kryon Book 2: “Don’t Think Like a Human,” really is a good one for this topic.

To me, personally, it’s really more than God Within.

The fact is, you are God and you create with the consciousness and energy you project.

That’s where you are the Miracle of the Universe just waiting to unfold comes from.

So to find that comfort (again from my perspective) I connect with my Higher Self, the Golden Angel with my face. I see him (you’ll see her) clearly and I watch as he spreads his wings.

You can go into meditation and say, “Dear Spirit, connect me to my Higher Self, the Divine that I Am. I want the comfort of knowing who and what I am. For I know I AM that I AM but I want to see it clearly now.”

Then watch, reach through the veil. Your higher self is there waiting for you now to ask and act upon your personal beauty, Love and God Connection.

Realize it is YOU and always has been.

When situations arise, ask your Higher Self to send Love, Light and Healing energy to that situation.

Then ask, “What is it I need to know about this situation.”

Next, patiently wait for your answer.

You were born as God. You were so brave to say, “I will have these experiences, lift my Karma around them all (as best I can while in duality) and lift the vibration of Earth at the same time.”

No matter how these words land on you, realize that you are the supreme creator and that your courage and Light shines so brightly for the rest of us to see and learn from so we can grow.

You’re truly an inspiration, a gift and God’s Emissary of Light on Earth; no matter how you chose to envision that experience now.

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