Quan Yin Post-CrpStarting in September of 2012, the enlightenment energy really opened up for me, personally.

Through an extended trip to Sedona, AZ, to the wonderful vision of Quan Yin, I have been shown a vision of Enlightenment that can open the portals for many seekers.

Today, for the first time, I am sharing my personal discoveries and how I opened the Enlightenment Portals.

Here are the 3-Stages of Opening to Enlightenment

Stage 1: See the Portal and Experience it

In stage 1 you see the portal of enlightenment and then become part of it by entering.

Once inside I was very surprised to see my physical world from inside the portal; what some call “behind the veil.” It is at this point that you will reach the realization that the world is still yours from this side too.

In fact, I saw that you impact the world most from this special and sacred place.

Now you have been to where the work is actually done. This takes us to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Light the passion of God on Earth. 

In stage 2, you light the passion of God on Earth by raising your bodily vibration. Here, you move beyond the 3-Dimensional world into the vibratory rate of the Spirit-Dimension.

This Spirit-Dimension has been called the Christ Consciousness. In this state, you experience the expression of God walking as Humanity on Earth, in a physical body, which is the Christed-Light expression.

You’ll likely experience your Heart Chakra growing to amazing proportions as you open to embrace Love for all. I personally could not see a beginning or end to my heart. It was massive and embraced all of life.

This is the realization that ALL souls are here today to experience walking as God’s Emissary of Love on Earth today, NOW.

This is not some day, when you Master, but TOday. It is just waiting to be realized by you, the Seeker, Lightworker, Healer and brave pioneer who is raising the vibration of all beings through your personal choice and actions.

Stage 3: The Enlightenment Portal, Experienced

You have now experienced the portal from inside or behind the veil

You have raised your bodily vibration to experience what it is to be God’s Emissary of Love on Earth.

Next, ground all this energy into the Earth, through your Divine Intention.

Then move to stage 3, which is grounding the Enlightenment Portal into the Earth through your physical body.

You will realize deep calm.

You’ll see your connection to ALL beings clearly.

You’ll live the expression of knowing all beings are the same miracle. All are God connected together; connected by Portals of Enlightenment Energy.

The HUGE Heart energy of God expressing as a human being will be amplified by the incredible brightness of the Solar (corrected to Soular) Plexus Chakra light.

The world can see your light clearly because you, through this brilliance in your expression, realize that you actually ARE the Enlightenment Portal.

You have become the portal of Enlightenment that shines the light of God brightly for all beings.

You know with certainty that you have chosen this path, long ago. In this state you realize that there is no need for hardship in your life any longer.

In fact, you can remove any disruptions by becoming the Portal of Enlightenment any time you choose. This is your birthright of Evolution.

The gift of 2012 was to become the Enlightenment Portal.

This is the time in history to show your Light brightly to the world. In the process, we Enlighten each other as well as All Beings.

Opening the door for that Enlightenment Energy to ground into the World, through you is why you are here on Earth now.

As Quan Yin has told us in her powerful ignitions, we are here to Extend Enlightenment to All Beings.

I made this discovery, in part, due to the amazing Enlightenment Support events given by Laura Lizak, Channeling Quan Yin.

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