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Energetic Repatterning Session Expression of Appreciation and Scheduling

Repatterning sessions

Welcome to you, the Emerging Christ. I am grateful and appreciative for your scheduling an Energetic Repatterning Session.

Bill Gluth, Soul Evolution Guide

Repatterning is a hands on session done in person. During our time together we will be open to:

  • Opening and expanding your intuitive, energetic and healing abilities to get you even clearer on your path
  • Activating your Highest Level Soul Energy so inspiration can start coming though to take out what’s in the way
  • Clearing away the pain and opening the channel for your highest guidance to come through
  • Awakens your Unconditional Love Heart energy to open the pathway to embody a deeper expression of Enlightenment

The expression of appreciation for your 60 to 90 minute Energetic Repatterning Session is $175

It includes the complete, in-person repatterning session, channeled guidance and one question and answer check in by phone or email as a follow up, post-session.

Your expression of appreciation can be made by credit card or eCheck


Use my handy online scheduling tool to select an available time that works best for you.

Thank you for scheduling and many blessings of White Light Energy to you.

From the Heart of Unconditional Love,