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White Light Energetic Repatterning Sessions

Are you on an expanded spiritual path but having trouble understanding your new energy and purpose?

Repatterning sessions

This expansion and shift may cause frustration, upheaval, confusion; perhaps even physical pain.

Using an ancient energy technology, called the White Light Master Energy, which dates back thousands of years,  we repattern energy and lift you into a higher vibration state.

When in this state of balance, you’ll be able to see your Divine Purpose and Soul’s Wisdom more clearly.

The benefits of Energetic Repatterning:

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Opens and expands your intuitive, energetic and healing abilities to get you even clearer on your path.

Activativates your Highest Level Soul Energy so inspiration can start coming though to take out what’s in the way

Clears away the pain and opens the channel for your highest guidance to come through

Awakens your Unconditional Love Heart energy to open the pathway to embody a deeper expression of Soul Evolution

I work with Healers, Lightworkers, Intuitives, Channels and people on an expanded spiritual path, just like me.

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If you are going through the shift in consciousness and getting ‘stuck’ you’ll feel it as energetically.

This perplexing energy causes confusion and even physical symptoms that other modalities have not relieved.

The reason is that those modailities are not strong enough to work at this higher energetic level.

The White Light Master Energy was activated on Earth at this time for the purpose of Soul Evolution.

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White Light Master Energy is the energy of the Christ Consciousness.

It energetically bridges the gap between your biology and your higher self spiritual dimension energy. It opens the Love Body through the Heart Channel to create personal expansion and balancing, which results in healing and clarity.

You know when confusion, energetic pain and feeling uninspired are holding you back.

When it does call on me. I can help you clear and repattern your energy into a clear conduit of Christ Light Energy and Unconditional Love

 Let intuition and your personal guidance light the way.

See the schedule for your expression of appreciation and guidance on how to schedule a White Light Master Energy Energetic Repatterning Session