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Spiritual Life Awakening Sessions

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What if you experienced Spiritual Awakening; truly realizing the divinity inside which  lead you to understand the true purpose of your life?

How would your life changed if you realized that you were indeed a Miracle of the Universe, God’s Emissary of Love on Earth, just waiting to be remembered?

Spiritual Life Awakening Sessions guide you in looking deep into your heart

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Your session will begin to open you to the realization of the truth of your true Divinity, the God I AM energy.

Through this work you can begin to understand you are God expressing as humanity in human form. You are, what the White Light Master Energy Ethereal Guides call “The Emerging Christ” which means, God expressing as humanity on Earth now.

Even though you may be locked in duality and lost in the expression of the personality self, you have come to Earth to realize and express the God that lies dormant inside of you and every other human being now.

Spiritual Life Awakening sessions open you to set a new “Divine” intention for your life and then spread that Light and Love in all moments of your being.

You CAN learn to live in the NOW and Love Unconditionally.

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You can awaken and evolve to loving others just as the God Energy, your Divine I AM, Loves and supports you. Without condition.

It may be your gift in life right now to become the highest expression of Light you can see.

You can live your life in joy and peace, outside of judgement and stress by learning to let go, realize your personal Divinity and Love others so much that you allow them to experience life as they choose to create it.

When you understand how to look at everyone you see as an Emerging Christ, God expressing as a human being on Earth, peace will be your path and Love will be the engine that guides your life.

White Light Master Energy Spiritual Life Awakening can begin to open you to that expression.

Is this right for me?

Let intuition and your personal guidance light the way.

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