Spiritual evolution is the next process or step in the physical expression of life on Earth. It is part of the new, more expanded energy we have lived in since 2000 and more fully since 2012.

Evolution in general is nothing new. As human beings, we are continuously evolving, just as physical life in all forms has evolved for eons. But there has been a shift in that evolutionary process recently.

Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Many conscious and evolving people know that they are actually spiritual beings having a human experience.

As we evolve now, in both consciousness and biology, the next step in this process is to evolve beyond the physical.

We are now evolving the physical through the consciousness or ‘spirit’ of our being.

This change is moving from thinking to feeling.

As humans evolve we will be leading our thought process with the heart instead of the head.

This leading with the heart as a primary thinking mechanism will make many people quite uncomfortable.

But as with all evolution throughout the experience of physical life: many will adapt, some will lead and some will fall to the wayside, stuck in the old ways.

Those who stay stuck will simply not be able to shake off the new reality they are experiencing but choosing not to live.

Spiritual Evolution and the true purpose of life.

It is through spiritual evolution that we begin to live the true purpose of our life.

That purpose is to remember and experience the physical expression of God consciousness we all are, equally.

Once remembered, it is up to each evolving soul to bring that expression into their physical form, shine their light brightly and live and walk the Earth as a God-Man/God-Woman/God-Energy.

This time and experience has been called, the Awakening Christ.

We are living in unique times and experiences. This is the point where we return to the Godhead from which we came originally.

The dream of so many eons is realized in physical form as humanity walks the Earth in the energy and strength they were born with in the very beginning.

This is the same energy that lives dormant inside the hearts and minds of humanity today, whether outwardly realized or not.

The truth is, this is a reoccurring expression of self, from God, to limitation and back to God again.

Why do we do this?

We have always done it for the joy of the game this brings to our total consciousness, whether we remember and realize it or not.

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