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White Light Master Energy Awakens and Expands Your Potential from a Physical to Soul (God) Expression

Where is humanity going?

As a human being, you are amazing. You are the only species on Planet Earth that can create your own reality, as you choose, whatever that reality may be.

All of nature holds you in awe, as you stand right now, for this unique ability.

In 2012, the nature of the Energy of Earth shifted, the energetic vibration of the planet increased and thus began the journey from 3 dimensional (3-D) to the Spiritual Dimension of living or what may be called “Spirit-D”.

This new energy shift has cause confusion and overwhelm for many.

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You are being led by your inner inspiration and guidance.

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What is the White Light Master Energy?

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White Light Master Energy is support for your Soul Evolution Journey.

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White Light Master Energy is designed to to create a personal Spiritual Life Awakening, through your personal intention.

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The God Expression is the White Light Master Energy or the Light of the Christ is on Earth, lying dormant in human beings today.

30 years ago I asked the question,

“What am I?

“Why am I here?

“What is the purpose of my life?”

“What is my life all about?”

White Light Master Energy supports and guides awakening souls like you.

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Our purpose is to ignite the personal God/Christ Energy that lies dormant in your physical cells now.

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Take the next step and review higher guidance from
Ethereal White Light Master Energy Guide, Thouma.

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