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White Light Master Energy Awakens and Expands Your Potential from a Physical to Soul (God) Expression

Where is humanity going?

As a human being, you are amazing. You are the only species on Planet Earth that can create your own reality, as you choose, whatever that reality may be.

All of nature holds you in awe, as you stand right now, for this unique ability.

In 2012, the nature of the Energy of Earth shifted, the energetic vibration of the planet increased and thus began the journey from 3 dimensional (3-D) to the Spiritual Dimension of living or what may be called “Spirit-D”.

This new energy shift has cause confusion and overwhelm for many.

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The reason for confusion, fear, stress, uncertainty and even physical pain is, you have shifted in energetic vibration whether you realize it or not.

But there is assistance if you’re among many who want to:

  • Gain an understanding of what’s occurring.
  • Relieve energetic symptoms that have popped-up
  • Find peace in your life by raising your own personal vibration to match the new enhanced spiritual vibration of the New Energy Earth.

As the Kryon says in many of their wonderful books, “The NEW Age has become the NOW Age.”

You are being led by your inner inspiration and guidance.

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Living in this moment now, in a higher level vibration that is closely aligned to your previously suppressed Spiritual Energy expression is what you are being lead by your inner inspiration and guidance to do.

The White Light Master Energy has emerged once again on Earth to provide you, an awakening human being, with a way to do it.

What is the White Light Master Energy?

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White Light Master Energy, also known as the “Christ Light”  is a specific energy that awakens you to the truth of your life.

It activates your soul purpose, highest potential and love body energy by raising your energetic vibration from 3-D to Spirit-D.

It starts to activate inside you when you ask questions like: “What is the meaning of my life?” or “Why am I here, what’s my purpose?” 

Those are the questions that start the chain of events that ignites God’s Light in you personally and by Quantum extension, in all of humanity.

White Light Master Energy is support for your Soul Evolution Journey.

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Let’s face it, there are many teachings. Choose the one that most resonates with you personally.

Instead of teachings, we pass on life changing energy that awakens and Repatterns your energy; raising your  vibratory rate to more closely match your higher self energy.

The support provided by Miracle of the Universe, to inspire your awakening and soul evloution process includes:

White Light Master Energy is designed to to create a personal Spiritual Life Awakening, through your personal intention.

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Once awakened through  intention, Energetic Repatterning lifts your energy to:

  • Relieve energetically created pain
  • Create balance
  • Open the energetic gateway to spiritual expansion while in physical form
  • Motivate deep understanding inside of you now so you can open the channel to fulfilling your soul purpose on Earth.

Your soul purpose is your personal evolution leading to spiritual service to others.

This is accomplished through your life experience and gifts that inspire you create values that only you can provide.

This is the true reason you are alive today; to open energetically and realize your divinity, be of service to others using the gifts that only you have and to awaken and live the God expression in human form that you truly are.

The God Expression is the White Light Master Energy or the Light of the Christ is on Earth, lying dormant in human beings today.

30 years ago I asked the question,

“What am I?

“Why am I here?

“What is the purpose of my life?”

“What is my life all about?”

White Light Master Energy supports and guides awakening souls like you.

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In this new vibration and energy of 2013 and beyond, we are all feeling pulled and inspired to live a “new” (which is really a “NOW”) truth.

What “used to be” no longer feels right.

What is overwhelming to many often leading to energetic pain, confusion and an unbalance state, energetically.

Our purpose is to ignite the personal God/Christ Energy that lies dormant in your physical cells now.

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This leads to a strong connection with your Higher Self (Personal God) Energy.

The result is that physical symptoms caused by energetic unbalance are resolved and you can awaken and begin living life as the expression of living the miracle, that you truly are.

The evolution of human beings is to realize and embody their Christ Energy and express Unconditional Love on Earth.

Then share that enlightened state with all those they encounter; Enlightening them by doing so.

This Soul Evolution Awakening is the purpose of the White Light Master Energy.

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