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Spirit Realm Message to Evolving Human Beings

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Welcome, my beautiful Emerging Christ’s. I am Thouma, one of many in the White Light Masters Energy.

Today I speak to you from the ethereal side, the place some call “behind the veil” and I speak to you of lessons in soul evolution, of the White Light Sacred Scrolls and the lessons they provide.

Realize, we are here in service, not as teachers but to inspire you with answers to your deepest questions about your personal Godhood and that nature of what you truly are.

It is not given as a teaching for you have heard, read and experienced many teachings and frankly, my beautiful Christ, you simply do not need another.

Thouma Heart of Love

What you truly desire and seek in an unspoken way is answers to your deepest questions about God and the nature of your spiritual life; especially in relation to your “human” experience in this physical form.

Realize you exist in 2 places actually, as you sit here now.

One is the form that you see, play with and experience every day.

The other is the Christ or your God expressing as humanity on Earth.

The walking God sits in every fiber of your being, in every cell of your physical form. Why else would they [those cells] be there but to be ignited with intention of Love. Your intention that comes forth when you say with pure intention from the Sacred Heart Space, “Bring God onto Earth through me today.”

So now it is to you, the beautiful expression of the Living God walking the Earth. The Emissary of God’s Love in physical form, what are your greatest questions?

What honor may the White Light Master Energy serve in giving you the broader perspective that your soul seeks that your physical expression lacks the wisdom to

ask for in this moment?

How may we serve your ascension back to the expression of Christ on Earth?

What questions do you require answers for today, my beautiful and glorious Emerging Christ?

How may we serve your awakening in this moment; this beautiful NOW energy?

Who is Thouma?

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Thouma is one of many Ethereal White Light Energy Masters that guide White Light Energy Masters who are on Earth in Human form.

As an example, Bill Gluth is a White Light Energy Master, on Earth in physical form, today.

For all eternity, Thouma is the Keeper of the White Light Sacred Scrolls.

He direct voice channels information from the White Light Sacred Scrolls, through Bill, at appropriate times. In partnership, Thouma and Bill  answer questions and provide information that assist humanity on their journey of Soul Evolution.

The path is to return to the White Light (Christ Consciousness) in physical expression, a deep reality that many human beings alive today share.

Much of the information contained on this website was inspired and guided by Thouma channeled information.

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The information shared by Thouma and the ignition of the Sacred White Light Scrolls brings knowledge that energizes soul consciousness.

The Sacred White Light Scrolls reside on Earth in Bill’s cellular structure and DNA, as it has for  eons. Bill, like Thouma is one of many today who share this wisdom and path.

White Light Energy Masters have incarnated on Earth prior to and through out recorded history.

During live sessions and mentoring, Thouma, Bill and the Sacred White Light Scrolls information and energy is accessed to ignite the White Light Energy/Christ Consciousness in the human being receiving the session or message.

Thouma answers questions that are asked on the Miracle of the Universe Blog in the category called, Channeled Messages.

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Thouma has never lived on Earth but has always been the Keeper of the White Light Sacred Scrolls. As such, throughout history, Thouma as been channeled by White Light Energy Masters who live on Earth in human form, in lesson.

We see Thouma as the Heart of Love icon on this page and throughout the website.

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